How to clear your mind in this digital age. ( Easy steps to gain mental clarity)

We have to face the truth, we are all distracted by too much information we get online; whether it’s casual searching for recipes, scrolling through social media feed, work research, watching random vlogs on YouTube, whatever it is, we just take it all in. I don’t think we are ever prepared to face this overwhelming increase of traffic of millions of information uploaded/posted each day (7.5 million blogs alone are uploaded each day!). You can search for absolutely anything and it will only take a few seconds to get thousands results! The technology is also ever evolving and most people are catching up to it, utilizing several devices which are closely for the same purpose. We welcome this much of this information because our brains are programmed for stimulation; our brains are wired to pick up on changes and relevance and where do we most find them? Yup, online.

Our devices is the new window where our faces are always looking into, making the outside, real world just in the background, like a white noise to comfort us with an assurance that we’re still in this Earth. Fishing out our phones to check notifications is also the new reflex.

We are too consumed by stimulation that sometimes we don’t even know what we’re in search of. We oftentimes mindlessly scroll through the newsfeed or a random homepage and we allow ourselves to get lost in them. In the meantime, we are oblivious to what’s currently happening around us.

When was the last time that we unplug from our devices and make reflections? Do we still know our own voice and our motivations? Or are we too much influenced by these materials that we no longer know our own individuality?

We let ourselves be guided by the search engines, the convenience of accessing all the information at the tip of our fingertips that we forget the thrill we used to have back in the days searching something so small in a mountain of books and going to numerous trips to the library. In this new age, we get so excited about the thought that we have all the information we need in our pockets so we allow that adrenaline rush to take over us thus, we overstimulate; taking all information in at once.

What lead my page to your screen right now is due to your awareness that it’s becoming an issue that you want to overcome it in order to improve yourself and your relationships; perhaps excessive mindless scrolling? decline in human interactions? you want to build and improve your relationships, get better in communicating with other people, or you like to fully be present in each moment. Whatever motivation you have, this is the right place.

This page will remind you the relevance of organizing our thoughts in this digital age. How to declutter our brain with all information consumed from different sources and put the ones that are not essential to our back compartments. This will help us become more mindful and intentional individuals.

Try to eliminate all external distractions at this moment and let’s get right to it!

Lessen screen time

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Start with baby steps so you sustain this good practice. Allot a time in your day to put all your devices away. You can start with fifteen minutes on day one, and progress to an hour or longer as you go (depending on your level of comfortability).

When practicing a good habit, always aim for sustainability. You don’t want to be unrealistic by setting a very high expectations on yourself that you will not be able to maintain it in the long run. Take easy progressive steps.

During this time, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, tend to your plants, write down ideas, observe what’s going on outside your living room window, declutter or organize your work table or simply just sit in silence and clear your mind from everything that consumes it. Channel and look for your inner creativity. It’s the perfect time to do self-reflections: what is it that you want to become in three years? Are you where you imagined yourself to be three years What are the things you are grateful about? What areas do you want to improve, skills that you want to learn?

Keep a journal

Write it all down. Imagine that your journal is your brain; organize it in such a way that you take only all relevant information sectioned at the beginning, for easy access and dump most information mid-section. This will free up your brain storage. It can be random thoughts or ideas, plans, goals, places you want to travel, cultures you want to explore, something new you are itching to try. Just write and allow your pen to spill all your colorful ideas into your journal.

Work on it through a state of flow; make it as an outlet of your creativity, expressing your beautiful unique character. Prepare and be in control of the days ahead, prepare your to-do lists, short-term goals, add memos regarding unfinished tasks that you can revisit some other day when you are more mentally prepared to deal with them.

Most of the time, our brain is cluttered with new things in social media that we expose ourselves into and we keep telling ourselves that one day we would try those new crafts or try out the experience and go on trips. But we never get the time; thus, these new things only clutter our head. So write them all down and keep this journal with you at all times.

Treat your journal as a brain extension. This will free up enough storage in your head so you can think clearly and enjoy living in the moment. Making you mindful and intentional of every activity that you take part of.


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By now, you have probably read or heard the benefits you can get through meditating. But perhaps you never had time to try it out or maybe you get intimidated by watching videos and you think you can’t do it. We all have to start somewhere and in order to develop a new habit, you have to get started! All it requires is a person with a functioning mind 🙂

You can start your day with a five minute meditation and gradually increase it as you get comfortable with each practice. Remember to focus on your breathing and clear your thoughts. You can sit in a quiet room and start by listening to a guided meditation (you can search this on Youtube or any music platforms).

Meditating will help you relieve anxiety of the past experiences and eliminate stress about what the future may bring. It will remind you of the relevance of that very moment where you are free of pain, and full of joy in just living.

Not having time should never be an issue. You can meditate anywhere— on your ride to work, while waiting for your appointment, in a coffee shop, anywhere! The important thing is clearing your head and focus on your breathing, eliminating the flow of the jumbled thoughts that usually crowd your mind.

Follow a routine

Mindless scrolling are usually caused by having too much time in our hands and lack of daily planning. If we set out strict routine, we can be more productive and make better use of our time in improving ourselves.

We can make the bed as we get up in the morning, clear the kitchen counter after our breakfast, empty the sink, do a 30 minute workout, meditate, five minute tidying, etc. The routine will allow us to actually get things done and keep us away from constantly checking our phones and watching videos for hours.

It is important that we remind ourselves that we are in full control of our lives and not allow these gadgets to tell us how we use our time (unless we intentionally program them to remind tasks we set out for ourselves).

Read a book

Reading is powerful. But we should be careful of the sources we get information from. So select your authors. Getting your information in just one source and blindly believing it, is not a good practice. We have to train our minds to explore different point of views, thought-provoking, long topics and thinking them through. Sometimes it would take questioning and research to stimulate our brain.

It is necessary to avoid defaulting in easy entertainment and know the importance of allowing ourselves to contemplate on complex, thought-provoking topics.

Choose a reading spot. Allot two to three hours in a day to read and train your mind to fully concentrate on the material, not letting our mind slip and wander.

Go to a park

Yes you need that fresh air.

Walk to the park a few minutes each day, sit and enjoy a beverage. Flip through a magazine, perhaps meet new people? pet someone’s dog? It is unbelievable how relaxing it is just to sit and observe people around you instead of watching them from your screen. Bathe in the sun and put a music in the background. If you do this everyday, it will improve your mental health and you will feel a surge of energy each time.

This is another way of being kind to yourself.

Converse with actual people!

Have coffee with friends. Engage in deep conversations. Talk about plans and your long-term goals, also be a good listener. Work on your social skills. It is important that you are fully present with them, not being distracted by your phone notifications.

Schedule a weekly meetup. This will allow you to build the friendship and assure them with your presence.

Parting words

There you have it folks! Just learn to consistently work on improving yourself each day and don’t allow yourself to be always give in to mindless scrolling and watching videos online for long hours a day. Value your time and be productive.

Self discipline without talent can often achieve astounding results, whereas talent without self-discipline inevitably dooms itself to failure

-Sydney J Harris

Make good use of your skills and talents. Put self-discipline and consistent work into the equation and this is how you’ll achieve outstanding results. Consistently work on improving yourself and investing your time with things that really matter.

In this digital age, learn how to calm your mind and practice self-control. Apply meditative practice in your daily routine so you become happier, and it will eliminate unnecessary stress. Focus on the present moment. The more you practice this, the calmer you become.

With these simple steps, you can improve yourself and your relationships, and you’re able to maintain mental clarity.

I hope you learned something on this blog post, see you on my next one!

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