5 Effective Steps to Achieve Strict Discipline

Do you find it hard to achieve any of your goals because you cannot fight the urge of pursuing restful activities?

Do you oftentimes find yourself binging on a series in front of the TV instead of going for a walk? Are you constantly glued on your phone, scrolling through your social media feed rather than planning for your next business venture?

Do you feel that you lack of control over your actions, behaviors, emotions and thoughts? Are you unable to restrain yourself from always going for instant gratification?

Do you lack patience in exerting efforts into activities that requires a long time before you see the results?

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If you answer “yes” to most (or all) of the above-questions, then you are falling short of self-discipline.

In order to achieve discipline, you need to first take a deep dive into your psyche so you know what are the things/activities that contribute to your overall growth. It is self discipline that will assist you to reject impulses that mostly caters for your immediate senses, for indulgence, for entertainment.

To attain self-discipline is self mastery; you will need to analyze your thoughts so that you can select appropriate behavior rather than being a slave to your impulses.

When you lack self discipline, you have no power over yourself— you tend to be all over the place, you get easily distracted, you succumb to all unproductive activities around you, you completely lose sight of the important things that you will benefit from.

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You just keep on getting side-tracked therefor you accomplish nothing. With that said, there’s no way you can attain the dreams or goals that you have (unless it only involves money and you’re from a rich family—Actually, even that will require determination and some work!).

What happens if you continue to be on this path of unproductivity? Yup— it will ruin your self esteem, you become easily frustrated and these will for sure take a toll on your mental health! You are subconsciously creating a pessimistic mind and your environment will respond to you with the same toxicity you exude!

So how do you overcome it? How do you get a grip of yourself, control your thoughts, think straight and consistently work on making the right choices? How do you continually avoid making impulsive unhealthy choices?

If you think that by solely reading this blog, you will be instantly transformed into a disciplined person; sorry to pop your bubble, but it will require more than that— it needs determination, coupled with will power, persistence, and deeper internalization of your goals, dreams and aspiration to put yourself in a proper mindset.

This blog will definitely give you a perfect head-start and it will give you a better understanding of the importance of self discipline so that you become the best version of yourself!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What is self-discipline?

Self discipline is self control and self mastery. It is the ability to push yourself forward in taking actionable steps to achieve your goals. It is the ability to follow through your plans and/or intentions. Self discipline is what moves you into producing quality work and actively avoid making impulse decisions that is not beneficial to your goals.

Self discipline helps you to do what needs to be done in order to satisfy your intentions, it fights procrastination, overcome laziness, puts an end into your unhealthy habits.

One thing you must understand about self discipline is that it is not automatic. It is something in us that remains dormant until you develop and work on it. You put efforts in empowering it so that it become stronger than your urges.

So now that you know what self-discipline is, and you get the gist of its importance, the question is: how do we achieve it?

Below are easy steps to attain self-discipline and how to consistently choose self-discipline over distractions, procrastination, and your urges on instant gratification.

1. Establish your Why’s

It is extremely important that you know why you need to implement self discipline. What are your motivations? Why do you need to be in control of yourself?

In order put your head in the game, you need to establish why you want to strengthen your self discipline in the first place. Your reasons of wanting to be in control of yourself will be a good foundation in attaining self mastery so you can continually improve yourself.

Your reasons should be powerful enough to supply yourself with sufficient motivation and willpower to start the action and be consistent in getting things done.

Put your reasons down on a journal so you can inspire yourself in making relevant progress. And you must have a clear vision of what you want to attain in life.

2. Put yourself in a proper mindset and drop all excuses

Upon understanding what self-discipline is and establishing why you need it in your life, you need to remain in a proper mindset and eradicate all excuses in your head.

Remember that it’s you who is preventing yourself from growth. Your excuses of ‘not feeling like it’, ‘not motivated enough’, ‘I am not thinking straight today’ are all in your head and you can do something about it if you will yourself to it.

It will always come down to how bad you want to achieve things. If you want to achieve remarkable outcomes, you will push forward no matter what and not entertain excuses.

Practice reciting positive affirmations as you start your day. Condition your mind that you will have a productive day and put your focus on the things you need to accomplish.

Watch your behavior carefully and learn how to guide and synchronize it with your intentions.

Exercise your will power and ensure to always feed it with positive values. Eliminate negative emotions— uncontrolled burst of anger, disappointment, irritation and unnecessary frustrations. Learn from every mistake and be willing to push past it.

Do not let anyone or your negative thoughts to stand in your way.

3. Get used to the feeling of discomfort

One thing we know about resisting temptation, initially, it’s not a very good feeling. The reward only comes at the end, and oftentimes, it takes a while.

We seek shortcuts to everything so they become easier, more comfortable, and we try to achieve faster results. You go through the battle between the easier way than spending more time by doing it right, day by day.

We actively avoid pain and go for what’s convenient for us.

Sometimes not being able to do what we want when we want can be irritating. However, our focus should be on the bigger picture, on our ‘end goal’, to the greater gain, and to not on instant gratification.

If we want to lose weight, running on a treadmill for ten minutes straight can be very tiring but you must get used to the feeling of discomfort in order to be consistent with your workout.

Putting hard work is challenging—working late night shifts, running for an hour, waking up early, studying for long hours, and so on. It is not the best feeling especially when you’re trying to attend to different roles. With that said, it is extremely crucial that you get accustomed to the feeling of discomfort—yes it is hard! And know that it will remain that way for a while.

Remind yourself with the value of the lesson of the law of sowing and reaping; remarkable results will require you investing a lot of your time and your energy, it will require you making sacrifices.

Be prepared to take the long arduous road before you get to the finish line.

4. Think long term

Practice becoming a planner. Plan your future ahead and see things in long-term. Create a clear vision and start executing your plan.

Ask yourself how certain decisions or choices can affect you long term, check whether or not you will benefit from them. Apply this line of thinking with your career, your physical wellness, relationships, financial situation and your overall outlook in life.

Be prepared to give up comfortability, sacrifice most of your down time, and as you do this, continually look ahead. Be prepared to spend so much time and efforts in improving yourself towards becoming the person you want to be.

Remove yourself from constant daydreaming and remaining in the ‘someday’ mentality. While it is important to have a clear vision, it is critical that once you see the clear picture, you need to start making things happen.

5. Make Self-Discipline a Habit

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You have to train your mind by constantly making the right decisions that are beneficial to you in long-term. As you plan your day, carefully examine your activity and to-do lists if they incorporate self-growth.

If you are not happy with your plan or strategy, carefully analyze what you are lacking and do not be afraid to make changes. Begin to do more tasks that will lead to your success.

In order to stick to a habit, you need to work on it consciously, deliberately and consistently. Learn not to break the cycle and establish it as a non-negotiable which you need to execute no matter what. Like what Goethe says, everything is hard just in the beginning.

Stay clear of the low-value, easy, restful activities. They will eventually lead to frustration, disappointments when you think what you could have already achieved in the time you spent.

Parting Words

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself and be lenient to everyone else

-Henry Ward Beacher

You need to remind yourself that you are completely responsible for who you are, what you are becoming and most circumstances that surrounds you. Your decisions had been a huge factor in molding the kind of life you are living. Irrespective of the fact that you may not be directly responsible for some unfortunate circumstances in your life, how you respond to them is/will be impactful, what you say and the actions you take will bear results.

Be mentally strong and remind yourself of the saying, “what cannot be cured must be endured”. Seek refuge in discomfort for the time being, for long term benefits.

Practice self-mastery and make this a life-long commitment.

Continue to pursue growth, do not stop learning. You can achieve any goal you set for yourself by learning and constantly pursuing it. Learn from the people who are leading; seek them out and ask for advice.

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Do not stop learning a new skill and keep practicing each skill so you increase your earning ability, and eventually you will achieve financial security. Believe in the power of compound learning so you keep improving yourself. Always commit to excellence.

Invest in yourself by always allotting time in a day to exclusively pursue what you choose to do. It can be three or four hours a day of pure hard work. And each time, review your performance; learn how you can do better the next time. Always strive for excellence.

Program your mind with your goals by constantly revisiting them and tracking your progress. You need to be directed toward completing them. Avoid any shortcuts.

Plan your day ahead and set priorities; as you work on your list, make sure to put your focus at one thing at a time.

Have the courage to overcome your fear of failure by developing a quality that you lack when you have the opportunity. Go towards where your fear is and constantly work on overcoming it. Work on your self esteem as it goes hand in hand with persistence and your will power to achieve self discipline.

Never give up working on your growth. Have the courage and be resilient throughout all the setbacks. Each obstacle will only make you stronger and wiser.

Double your productivity. Don’t waste time and be sure to immerse yourself in deep concentration on the task before you. Do not delay, and do not start your day by working on low-value tasks.

Always be motivated.

I am hoping that this will help you develop confidence in yourself that you can do it. You see proof each day of other people success and you can do it too!

Start by achieving a strict discipline and mold each activity towards your goals.

I wish you best of luck and see you on my next blog!